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Pall Corp Goes Live with XML-based Computer-To-Computer Order Processing
(Timmonium MD USA) Today industrial filter giant Pall Corporation implemented the next phase of their far-reaching e-business initiative by enabling distributors to automatically place orders using web-based XML requests.  Click For Full Story
Western States Envelope Goes Live with Dedicated Label Ordering Website for Key Account

(Milwaukee WI USA) Western States Envelope and Label, an industry leader in wholesale envelope and label manufacturing, has gone live with the first phase of its latest round of e-commerce initiatives designed to streamline business with its customers.  Click For Full Story
Nexgen Releases Efficient Replacement for ORD700/500 OB0020
(Naperville IL USA) Over half of all customer service problems are the result of errors introduced during order creation. One-size-fits-all-ERP has spawned unwieldy and over-engineered systems. No wonder most customer service professionals blame green screen clutter inefficient layout and awkward screen flow encountered during order entry as the real culprit. Nexgen has solved this problem with a highly configurable browser-based order entry solution that replaces BPCS ORD700/ORD500 and PRMS OB0020.  Click For Full Story

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NexgenCommerce™ runs BEST on Microsoft Server® 2020 Operating System
Are "green-screens" holding your customer service department back?
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Nexgen has years of experience enabling e-commerce solutions for BPCS customers. BPCS has always been a focus area for Nexgen and our extpertise with that package is not easily surpassed. ERP packages are complex, and most e-commerce and e-business vendors' products do not integrate well with BPCS. Enterprise packages like SSA 's have complex business rules that must be reflected in the ecommerce package.

PRMS another of the RPG AS/400 or iSeries based ERP packages sold by SSA GT, is very similar to BPCS when it comes to requirements for e-commerce integration. The PRMS package contains thousands of business rules, many of which apply to functions used in a web based ecommerce site. Pricing, inventory availability, customer and ship to details all generally reside in enterprise package already installed within companies. Why install an ecommerce package that does not integrate well with the functions already at work within the ERP package?

Nexgen's flagship product NexgenCommerce also supports J.D. Edwards and Mapics product lines with the ease of drop in installation. Web order entry, web inquiries and web transactions are all supported using the Nexgen architecture. There are even customers that have multiple packages such as BPCS and PRMS or BPCS and JD Edwards or PRMS and Mapics. NexgenCommerce is designed so that multiple enterprise packages and indeed, multiple enterprise servers can be integrated into a single web shopping experience making the web user experience extremely simple.

Nexgen Products is now offering a new mobile connectivity module to the NexgenCommerce line. PocketCSR is a new and exciting mobile connectivity solution that allows Pocket PC s, PDA s and WAP phones and mobile devices of many kinds to connect to ERP systems such as BPCS, PRMS, Mapics and J.D. Edwards. Wireless network infrastructures are opening up exciting opportunities for mobile applications. Some of these include mobile sales force automation giving sales reps in the field PDA access to legacy system information and also allowing them to enter orders directly from the field in real time. Other applications include reatail stock replenishment, service and dispatch functions and even real time access to key financial indicators can all be accomplished with NexgenCommerce and PocketCSR. In realtime mode, PocketCSR works with Microsoft's Pocket Internet Explorer. Any type of wireless network link including WLAN, Wi-Fi ( WiFi 802.11 ) and GSM / GPRS can provide connectivity between your legacy enterprise system and a simple PDA making transactions in the field. There is also a synchronized mode option with PocketCSR that lets users interact locally with applications on the remote device and then synchronize the applications and data with the host computer when the user is within range. With PocketCSR, new possibilities for your business are endless.

Is should be noted that NexgenCommerce does not require WebSphere from IBM, although Nexgen is about to release a runtime version of the NexgenCommerce web executables that will run as java server pages on a WebSphere server. Our customers also have many choices when it comes to web server hardware and software. NexgenCommerce runs equally well on Windows / Intel servers, Linux servers IBM AS/400 iSeries servers and even Unix servers. As well NexgenCommerce is portable so that you can deploy it intially on one platform such as Windows Server and then move it easily to an AS/400 or Linux server is the situation requires it. No other e-commerce package gives you so many choices. Not Lansa, not Websmart, not Ironsides and not even WebSphere

The NexgenCommerce Framework was built using Domino and Lotus Notes technology from IBM. In no way does this mean that NexgenCommerce requires an IT shop to have had Lotus or Domino software currently installed. Nor does it require that a shop have Lotus or Domino skills. It simply turns out that Domino is an extremely flexible and robust rapid application development RAD platform to build applications in. And the Notes client interface is extremely user-friendly and makes navigating the setup of NexgenCommerce extremely simple.

Ecommerce packages and tools not specifically designed for ERP packages like BPCS or PRMS generally require large implementation projects which can be costly. While NexgenCommerce has tool like functionality similar to products from competitors Lansa or BCD it is important to note that in many cases, NexgenCommerce drops in to most companies as a turn-key intallation. While you can definitely use the tool capabilities within NexgenCommerce to create new web interfaces that connect to your legacy we find that most of our enterprise customers using packages such as BPCS, PRMS, JD Edwards and Mapics prefer a turnkey approach to their e-commerce projects and generally don't want to build their initial web solution from scratch. This is part of what NexgenCommerce unique. It is not just a powerful ecommerce enabling tool but it is also a strong, inexpensive and cost effective bolt-in solution for customers od SSA, Oracle and Mapics.