Customer Information Portal  
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Customer Information Portal

  “90% of all telephone calls into 1-800 customer service departments ask the same questions — ‘What is the status of my order?’ and ‘When will my order be shipped?’ ”  
User-specific logins allow Portal content to be tailored to the needs of each user

Welcome page puts most-needed options 1-click away

Flexible, menu-driven navigation simplifies the user’s information search
Multiple language enabling is simple and straight-forward

Standard Inquiries include:
  • Order Status

  • Shipment Status

  • Inventory Avail.

  • Freight Tracking

  • Account Inquiry

  • Other inquiries easily accommodated with embedded tools
    Seemingly simple questions like “What quantity is available for this item?” often depend on complex algorithms from the legacy system—–all easily accommodated within the NexgenCommerce architecture

    All data is “real-time” coming directly from the host ERP system (i.e.PRMS™, BPCS®, Mapics®, JD Edwards) so information is always “current” - data can be “cleansed” so that you always send users the right message
    “Point-and-click” drill-down links speed
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