Web Order Entry  
nexgencommerce v4.02
Web Order Entry

  “A dynamic, catalog-based web shopping environment for distributors, reps and end customers driven by your existing ERP system– not in spite of it”  

Infinite, graphics-based, hierarchical catalog—–easily maintained by non-technical staff

Item linking, validation, descriptions, and pricing carried forward automatically from PRMS™, BPCS®, Mapic® or JD Edwards™

New “Review and Approval” feature permits staged acceptance of web orders through a workflow-mediated approval chain

Integrated credit card payment options simplify order processing and settlement

Immediate order placement in PRMS™, BPCS®, Mapic® or JD Edwards™ system—–actual order number and order summary are presented on-screen and via confirmation email
Completely customizable “look-and-feel” lets you design site from the “ground-up” or adopt existing site characteristics

Powerful “Shopping Cart” functionality provides efficient and convenient online ordering experience suitable for end-customers and even internal order entry staff

Item search and result filtering based on customer number and/or customizable item ordering privileges
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