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  “Customer service representatives should be allowed to focus on exactly how to satisfy the customer—not on how to maneuver around awkward or clumsy computer screens”  

Heightened efficiency begins with the Portal Home page—the CSR’s dashboard for launching all common functions and daily activities
Clearly, the “workhorse” of the NexgenCSR module is the single-screen internal order entry and maintenance function. Configured-to-order during each installation, every panel is adjusted to contain only the fields and controls which are needed for the particular environment making CSR order entry supremely fast and efficient.
Answers to customer questions are generally “one-click” away using launch points on the Portal Home page. Order and shipment history, account information, order maintenance and inventory look-ups are provided as standard. Given proper authority, it is even possible for the CSR to make updates to customer master information through the built-in maintenance panel. Other look-ups and maintenance functions are easily added with embedded tools. Every aspect of the order entry process is streamlined with NexgenCSR. It is even possible to incorporate extra validations and logic sure orders are entered correctly “the first time”
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