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NexgenCommerce™ Goes Wireless!
ERP Webfronts Thrive on PDAs and Web Phones with PocketCSR™
NexgenCommerce™ has revolutionized e-commerce deployment by drastically simplifying the connection of back-office systems to the web. With NexgenCommerce™, companies using PRMS™, BPCS®, J.D. Edwards™ and other leading ERP packages have an easy and cost-effective path to web-based order entry, customer self-service and other interfaces that are immediately and directly integrated with already-installed legacy systems. Now Nexgen takes a major step forward by providing that same functionality on a broad range of wireless devices.
“Wireless access to back-office systems opens up possibilities we never knew existed”
When most IT people think about integrating handheld devices to their enterprise systems, they tend to have the same reaction - “complicated”, “fragile”, “insecure” and “expensive”. Nexgen has changed the rules for handheld and wireless deployment making it simple, secure, reliable and affordable. Based on the award-winning NexgenCommerce™ e-business framework, Nexgen’s new mobile applications truly pave the way for using your enterprise system in ways you’ve never imagined. Wired or wireless, real-time or synchronized, Nexgen has a solution for your mobile enterprise computing challenge.
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