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Nexgen Releases Efficient Replacement for ORD700/500 OB0020

(Naperville IL USA) Over half of all customer service problems are the result of errors introduced during order creation. One-size-fits-all-ERP has spawned unwieldy and over-engineered systems. No wonder most customer service professionals blame green screen clutter inefficient layout and awkward screen flow encountered during order entry as the real culprit. Nexgen has solved this problem with a highly configurable browser-based order entry solution that replaces BPCS® ORD700/ORD500 and PRMS OB0020.

An Elegant Solution to a Universal Problem "Most ERP vendors' code suffers from the same problem - modification after change after enhancement to support new business requirements for an industry segment that may have nothing to do with your business " said Roger Jarman Nexgen Product Manager. "NexgenCSR™ was developed as part of the NexgenCommerce™ product suite to simplify the ordering process. Because it's configurable the result is an optimized interface tailored to meet a customer's particular needs. Not a watered-down version of BPCS but a comprehensive solution that is easy to acquire easy to install easy to support and easy to use." Other options that address this problem are nothing more than screen-scrapers that do little or nothing to simplify and improve a customer's business process. "Instead we have focused our attention specifically on streamlining the CSR's job " said Jarman. Limiting the number of entry fields allows for more accurate information and less chance for human error. Flexible configurable screen navigation leads to less confusion when moving between different screens and different programs. Jarman concluded "Now orders can be entered more quickly efficiently and with less error.' "For our business the standard order flow in base BPCS is extremely awkward " said Wayne Bruning Vice President of Information Technology at The Lucks Company of Seattle WA and a NexgenCSR customer. "I was particularly interested in an interface that allowed us to minimize the steps required to place an order and to eliminate those steps that were unnecessary. With NexgenCSR I found a cost-effective solution with excellent response time and an intuitive interface that has made our CSR's more efficient." Currently implementing integrated credit card processing Bruning goes on to say "Any customer that has some significant credit card volume will want to do will make a huge difference in their life." Jarman further states "Providing your customer service representatives with a tool that allows them to be more efficient and effective can provide rapid payback. By speeding up the ordering process CSR's can now spend more time on customer satisfaction which in turn can lead to more sales." "Working with Nexgen has been a really nice experience " concluded Bruning. About NexgenCommerce NexgenCommerce is an extensive web-based transaction platform featuring immediate order placement and real-time visibility into the ERP system. The product provides key ERP functionality through the web including: pricing inventory availability credit checking order status customer and ship-to maintenance and much more. NexgenCommerce also incorporates key web features such as a search engine custom catalog user registration credit card processing shipment tracking multi-lingual support and customer email notification. NexgenCommerce lowers the total cost of a project by eliminating the programming normally required to develop a web portal capable of transacting enterprise data. With NexgenCSR most companies can have a fully functional online customer service and order entry capability running in a few weeks. In addition to essential web-based customer service features the NexgenCommerce architecture provides a solid foundation for emerging e-business requirements like collaboration and web services. Nexgen also provides wireless and detached mode support for Palm and Pocket PC-based devices. NexgenCommerce provides complete web portal access to popular iSeries (AS/400) enterprise software packages including BPCS® PRMS™ MAPICS™ About Nexgen Nexgen Software Technologies Inc. is the world's largest independent BPCS and PRMS consulting company. Since 1990 Nexgen has helped companies realize the full value and potential of their ERP systems. Nexgen headquartered in Naperville Illinois provides business consulting services and complementary products (through Nexgen Products Inc.) to users of several packages on the IBM® iSeries™ (AS/400™) platform: BPCS® and PRMS™ from SSA Global Technologies™ and WorldSoftware™ and OneWorld® from J.D. Edwards. The company also develops and markets NexgenCommerce™ a suite of e-business applications that seamlessly integrate with BPCS PRMS WorldSoftware and also with XA™ from MAPICS™. Information is available at +1 (630) 300-6000 or on the web at

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