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Western States Envelope Goes Live with Dedicated Label Ordering Website for Key Account


(Milwaukee WI USA) Western States Envelope and Label, an industry leader in wholesale envelope and label manufacturing, has gone live with the first phase of its latest round of e-commerce initiatives designed to streamline business with its customers.

Western States Envelope and Label Company understands well the benefits that e-commerce can provide to its customers for its entire range of stock and make-to-order products. In fact, Western States has been online for some time and has even developed specialized ordering interfaces for its larger customers.

"Web-based ordering for our business lines is absolutely crucial to our customer base" insists Eric Schmidt, Label Division Plant Manager and Quality Improvement Team member for Western States. "The economies of using the web for our customers to communicate their requirements and track business transactions with us are enormous. We intend to stay several steps ahead of our customers as they increasingly migrate toward this way of doing business.

"For the current project, Western States needed to enhance an existing web ordering system for one of its key customers. The prior web-ordering interface had been developed as a stand-alone system and was not integrated to Western State's PRMS enterprise transaction system. This resulted in severe challenges in keeping item and price information as well as customer information in sync between the two systems.

Jeanne Schaeffer, IS Director for Western States saw the handwriting on the wall. "I knew that before long, we were going to have to have a web solution that would integrate with PRMS" said Schaeffer. She goes on..."we have huge plans to provide additional web-based tools to our customers. And if the web systems we deploy are not able to easily connect with PRMS, we would be facing massive inefficiencies and headaches in trying to keep everything synchronized."

Nexgen Products worked with Schaeffer and a single member of her team on the project, which involved a total combined effort of about 50 person-days. "Most of the time on this initial project was spent making sure that the website was exactly what our customer was expecting" explains Schaeffer. She adds... "Given the results of this project, I can now see that NexgenCommerce is going to provide a strong foundation for the other web-enablement projects on our docket."

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