Relationships with retailers and field reps are critical assets for HOFFMASTER-CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS, a division of Solo Cup Company. Hoffmaster is a market innovator and leading foodservice supplier of premium disposable tableware products.

Winning space on retailers shelves requires an artful mix of relationship building, exciting product lines and a distribution process that is both efficient and easy on customers.

Determined to distance itself from competition, Hoffmaster armed its retailers and reps with portable order entry terminals that could record stock replenishment orders and communicate them back to a central order processing system. At the time, the technology they chose was adequate. But over time, the units and software proved unreliable and needed to be replaced.

This time, Hoffmaster had more demanding criteria for the replacement solution. First, the units would have to be extremely durable to withstand the stresses of retail field use. Second, the units would need to integrate easily and communicate reliably with their BPCS® order management system. Third, the application software would need to be adaptable to accommodate changes to the distribution process. And fourth, the solution had to be affordable.

Hoffmaster discovered that NexgenCommerce™ and the PocketCSR™ module was the ideal answer to their requirements. PocketCSR™ is a remote, synchronized and downloadable order entry application that runs on PocketPC™-based handheld terminals and PDAs. Hoffmaster chose to implement CSR on barcode scanning terminals from Symbol Corporation which they also obtained from Nexgen—a Symbol reseller.

The solution has worked flawlessly and is totally integrated with Hoffmaster’s BPCS® system. Once again, the retailers and reps feel that they’ve been well taken care of. Relationship mission accomplished!

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