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Efficiency in the supply chain is what drove Pall Corporation to implement a web-based order entry and self-service capability for its distributors.

Initially targeting benefits for Filterite, its industrial filter division, Pall was determined to give its distributors an alternative to the traditional catalog/fax/1-800 call center approach to the resupply process.

Dave Kolstedt, CIO for Pall decided early that any web-based system would need to tie seamlessly to back-office systems already in place. “We did not want to buy a standalone web commerce package that would require costly interfacing to make it work properly with our BPCS® and Mapics® systems” says Kolstedt.

Pall decided that NexgenCommerce could provide an almost exact out-of-box match to their requirements. The implementation took 12 weeks and came in within budget. The system is currently processing approximately 800 user sessions per month and has sharply reduced calls into Pall’s call centers.

Recently, Nexgen has expanded the reach of the online system by accommodating additional Pall divisions. Pall customers can now log into a single shopping session and select items from a consolidated catalog representing all product lines. When the customer “checks out” of the shopping session, orders are created for each of the respective divisions with customer order updates even routed to multiple AS/400s®.

Making it easier for distributors to place orders has increased volume and lowered costs.

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