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Response time in handling telephone orders is a key performance indicator for Lucks Food Decorating Company maker of edible and non-edible food decorating products and processing equipment based in Seattle, WA.

While Lucks was generally satisfied with the performance of its Version 8 BPCS® enterprise system, they had serious concerns over the poor response time within the COM (Customer Order Management) order entry module that came bundled with the system. They feared that the slow performance of the COM module along with the module’s less than ideal navigability would impair the efficiency and effectiveness of its customer service department — something Lucks was not willing to let happen.

Lucks learned about the NexgenCSR module which effectively replaces COM and green-screen editions of the BPCS® order management system. Drawn initially to the streamlined web interface and the fact that NexgenCSR’s screen flow is tailored specifically to each company, Luck’s was still concerned that such a sophisticated software tool might not meet its aggressive performance criteria.

While pilots and demos went a long way to allaying Luck’s concerns, Nexgen agreed to write performance criteria into the sales contract, to guarantee that Lucks would achieve the response time benchmarks they felt were important to their customer service department.

Within three and one-half months, NexgenCSR was installed and functioning effectively for the core customer service team. Nexgen’s integrated credit card processing, not available with the SSA COM product, was just icing on the cake!

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