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Responsiveness to its parts dealers has always been a priority for Lindsay Manufacturing, a worldwide leader and manufacturer of intelligent water and plant nutrient management systems.

Like with many products targeted to the agricultural market, Lindsay’s irrigation equipment is designed for extremely long useful lives. To keep aging units in top condition, Lindsay has a thriving replacement parts business administered by an extensive dealer network.

The uncelebrated hero of that network had always been Lindsay’s 1200 page printed catalog. However unwieldy, the catalog was the only way that dealers could help their customers make the proper parts selection.

Lindsay believed that putting the parts business online would give them cost savings they were looking for and improve responsiveness to their dealers. After an extensive search, Lindsay chose NexgenCommerce which could fully meet their requirements and also generate a quicker ROI than other products they had evaluated.

Within three months, the 1200 page catalog was online, and dealers were pumping parts orders into Lindsay’s BPCS® enterprise system.

Now, parts dealers have 24x7 access to an electronic catalog, access to current order, inventory and billing status, and a convenient order entry process that saves time, money and reduces errors in the process.

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