Streamlining customer service had become a focus area for KALCO, an award-winning lighting and furniture manufacturer and division of Philadelphia-based Simkar Corporation.

While forecasting double-digit growth over the next five years, KALCO realized it would need to upgrade its enterprise computer system to meet the increased demands.

Part of the solution was to move from their underpowered UNIX legacy system to the PRMS™ ERP suite on IBM iSeries hardware. But while PRMS™suited their requirements for industrial strength manufacturing capability, its green screen interface was less than ideal for highly-interactive demands of KALCO’s customer service department.

KALCO turned to Nexgen to provide a streamlined alternative to the PRMS™ customer order management functions. The solution was NexgenCSR™, a complete intranet-based replacement for the PRMS™order entry screens typically used by customer service representatives.

As it does in all installations, Nexgen configured CSR to exactly match KALCO’s business processes. Unused fields and steps were removed leaving a clean and fast entry experience. Nexgen even provided an enhanced Features and Options interface that eliminated additional screen trips for every order line.

Now in the midst of their expansion, KALCO finds that it has the added horsepower it was looking for. The result is greater productivity and accuracy—and a happier customer service team.

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