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Competition is fierce for U.S.-based equipment manufacturer Demag Plastics Group Corporation. With intense pressure from off-shore competitors, Demag has needed to do everything possible to maintain its position as the world’s quality leader of injection-molding machines and equipment.

One of the ways to maintain leadership is to provide strong aftermarket customer care. In many cases, this means getting replacement parts to dealers or customers within hours rather than days.

Demag had the manufacturing capacity to deliver needed parts to its customer base. But they found that their customer service and order processing cycle times were too long. As well, Demag’s worldwide presence meant that a parts order might arrive any time of the day or night, but running a staffed, 24x7 response operation was too costly.

They turned to NexgenCommerce which was able to provide them with round-the-clock, web-based order processing that is fully integrated with their PRMS™ enterprise system. Beyond simply providing an online list of stock replacement parts, Nexgen and Demag went farther and developed an individualized customer part inventory system. The system tracks specific part requirements and usage against the serial numbers of customers’ machines. This insures that customers and dealers have easy access to exactly the right parts for their machines any hour of the day or night without the need to talk to a customer service technician.

Orders enter the PRMS™ system immediately and are fed directly to Demag’s manufacturing process. Now, most parts are shipped within hours of the order being received. Add to this the benefit of reducing demands on Demag’s customer service team. It turns out American manufacturing really can compete and Demag found the way !

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