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Timeliness in responding to it’s dealer network has proved vital for American Racing Equipment, manufacturer of aftermarket wheels and accessories for the automotive industry.

Stiff competition in an industry where there is often little product differentiation means that a company’s success often depends on providing excellent service and insuring product availability. For American Racing, if a dealer can’t give a prospective customer immediate answers on proper wheel sizing or availability, the dealer may lose the sale.

Historically, American’s dealers have had to depend on printed catalogs, written size charts and telephone checking of inventory in order to commit a sale for a customer. American’s management concluded that the sales process was just too cumbersome and that it could be drastically improved by taking it online.

They chose NexgenCommerce to provide the e-business framework they were looking for. Within three months, the online system was up and live. It is now able to provide dealers with an always-current catalog of available styles and prices. It also has an interactive sizing guide to insure proper fit. There is also online order entry and availability checking as well as order and shipment status. And all of is integrated with American’s PRMS™ 8.4 enterprise system.

NexgenCommerce has reduced the dealer’s order process from hours to seconds.

Dealers are ecstatic and company executives are expecting that increased sales will pay for the project within one year.

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