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How is Nexgen Products and its solutions different from other e-business offerings?


Everyone in the software industry is starting to talk about simplicity. Frankly, it's about time . . .

Nexgen recognized very early that simplicity was one of the most crucial tenets of its entire business software strategy. We understand that your focus needs to be on building your own business, not on executing complicated and costly software projects. You cannot afford to have your IT department tied-up with demanding implementations or day-in, day-out care-and-feeding of complex technical infrastructures. Reflecting that, Nexgen has engineered software solutions that do not require complicated middleware, special hardware or a sophisticated technical skill set to implement them and keep them running.

NexgenCommerce™ is designed with a "thin layer" architecture that rides directly above your existing enterprise transaction system. Through this unique design approach, NexgenCommerce™ is able to harness business logic that already resides within your existing legacy system. This means that NexgenCommerce™ is far-less complicated than competing e-business-enabling packages. Fewer "moving pieces" means less technology to manage, fewer thing that can break, and a much lower total cost of ownership.

NexgenCommerce™ is designed to run on a variety of hardware platforms including Wintel, Linux and iSeries (AS/400). That means you can choose the hardware platform that offers the best value for your company. All of this means that Nexgen Products can help you precisely define the boundaries of your e-business project budget early in the planning process. And that translates into far less risk for you and your company.

Software with Built-In Enterprise Systems Integration

Nexgen has been providing software and services to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) community for over 15 years. We understand the complexities of internal business systems like J.D. Edwards™, BPCS®, Mapics® and PRMS™. And broad experience working side-by-side with customers gives us the ability to understand the uniqueness of your business. There are many e-business software vendors in the market whose expertise begins and ends only with their own systems. Talk to them about "promotional pricing" or "available-to-promise" calculations and they'll start scratching their heads.

Simply put, e-business does not work unless it truly integrates (at all levels) to information systems that are already in place within an organization.

At Nexgen, we have spent years developing a vast expertise with these sophisticated enterprise packages. It is through this unparalleled exposure that we have been able to design and build e-business solutions that integrate directly and seamlessly. Integration is not an afterthought or an expensive "consulting services engagement" to an implementation project. With Nexgen, integration is built-in, from the beginning.

Rapid and Predictable Implementations

Nexgen's typical web-commerce implementation takes about three months from contract signing to actually bringing customers online. And > 90% of those projects come in on or under budget.

Nexgen has been delivering successful e-business installations worldwide for many years. In that time, we've learned practical and valuable lessons about implementing e-business. We take those lessons and apply them to each new project. For instance, you may have questions like "How do we secure our web and enterprise servers against unauthorized access?". With our depth of experience, we can advise you on how to handle critical e-business issues without your even having to ask. We'll give you the right options. Then you can decide what options are best for your business.

Our expertise translates directly to efficiency and value in the implementation process. And that translates into saving your company a lot of money.

Pragmatic Solutions

There are some e-business vendors who have designs on taking over the world. They will tell you that their software needs to be at the foundation of all of your future electronic business initiatives, in order for you to be successful. Of course, such promises of grand payoffs come at a price. Too often, that price is out of line with reality.

At Nexgen, we trust you know better.

Ten-to-fifteen years ago, IT decisions were supported by long-term "technology strategies" and longer-term payback expectations. Today, we understand that specific technologies move too rapidly to be of any use as a basis of a successful information strategy. Instead, quick and discernable return on a technology investment is what counts. And at Nexgen, we believe that we've created exactly the right balance of technology, business facility and ROI that none of our competitors have been able match.

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