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Challenge:  An industrial and consumer products manufacturer with operations in the U.S. and Europe needed to provide round-the-clock customer service to its international distributors and larger customers but did not want to extend the hours of its U.S.-based call center.
  Nexgen Products was able to deliver a complete, web-based customer self-service experience that was able to provide distributors with 24-by-7 access to accurate information from the company's J.D. Edwards™ enterprise system. After launching the new site, it was discovered that 80% of the questions previously being handled by the 1-800 call center were now being answered by the web-based based system. Users report that using the online system is fast, convenient and many times easier than phoning the call center.

Challenge:  A multi-national insulation products producer wanted to improve service to its customers base, made up largely of contractors in the construction trade. They reasoned that if they could provide an online tool that would allow the contractors to more easily estimate the total material required and cost for a project, then contractors would be more likely to order materials from them thereby increasing revenues. The online system would also have to connect to the company's BPCS® 6.1 enterprise system to provide immediate order fulfillment -- crucial given the typically tight delivery constraints demanded by the construction industry.
  The company turned to Nexgen Products. Work immediately began on developing a material estimator sub-function that would ultimately be embedded within the NexgenCommerce™ Shopping Cart and product selection flow. The project took about six-months from contract signing until the first customer was brought online. Contractors immediately saw the benefits of the online tool and sales are up by 17% in the first year.

Challenge:  A multi-national industrial products manufacturer known for cutting-edge support of its distribution network recognized the high cost and inefficiency of telephone and fax-based order processing system being used with their lower-volume customers. While EDI was already in place for most of the high-volume distributors, the smaller distributors typically could not justify the high cost of EDI and needed different solution.
  Unable to find a ready solution, the company turned to Nexgen. For about the same cost of setting up a single customer on EDI, Nexgen provided the manufacturer with a broad-based computer-to-computer direct order placement system using XML and tab-delimited file transfers. The system automatically accepts and validates incoming orders (usually through FTP) and then creates the orders within the manufacturer's Mapics™ enterprise system. Email notifications are tied to each step in the process so both the manufacturer and its customers have full visibility and notification of the automatic activity which is occurring. The new process has been a huge success with order processing time down a whopping 300% and order accuracy up 40%.

Challenge:  An industrial cleaning equipment manufacturer based in Ohio already had an online replacement parts lookup facility, but cost estimates to link the website to their PRMS™ 9.1 Order Processing system for real-time web order entry were prohibitive. As well, the vendor of the parts lookup software was charging ever-increasing annual usage fees while delivering no corresponding benefits to its customers. The manufacturer realized that it had no choice but to replace the entire existing parts website with something that could properly interface to PRMS™ and which, hopefully would be more affordable.
  After a simple evaluation, they discovered that NexgenCommerce™ would be a perfect fit for their requirements. Within 3 1/2 months, they had all of the exploded part diagrams and parts lists accessible through the NexgenCommerce Web Order Entry module. Customers could now perform detailed parts lookups and searches then immediately place orders for those items without having to resort to fax or telephone calls into customer service. An additional benefit came from not having to synchronize PRMS data to an external system anymore. All of the parts lists, prices and descriptions now come directly from the AS/400. Finally, the total cost to replace the old system with NexgenCommerce™ was just barely more than what the company had been spending each year on the prior software. And NexgenCommerce has no annual usage fees saving the company money well into the future.

Challenge:  A fragrance manufacturer headquartered in Paris, France had promised its distributors that it would automate the cumbersome and time-consuming process of collecting forecast information and handling the distributors' replenishment orders. The distributors had historically struggled with using potentially out-of-date, pre-printed "order forms" to create replenishment forecasts that they would then fax to the manufacturer and which would subsequently be manually re-keyed into a J.D. Edwards™ enterprise system. The entire process was fraught with error-prone, manual and redundant steps and needed to be replaced. What made matters worse was that the manufacturer had already spent more than a year and over 500,000 euros trying to implement a different solution which failed because the original IT consultancy became stymied by the complexity of the J.D. Edwards™ system. The perfumier now risked distributor defection, significant embarassment and a very real potential for lost revenue if it could not come through with the promissed solution.
  The company turned to Nexgen Products to implement an interactive and web-based custom forecast order form that automatically linked to the J.D. Edwards™ order processing subsystem. Nexgen and its Paris-based distributor (AGI) completed the project within 2 months and the customer was able to deliver the online solution to its distributors within the originally promised timetable. Disaster averted.

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