Implementation Options  
Implementation and Deployment Options

Every company is somewhat unique. Sometimes, even seemingly minor differences in approach can have a huge impact on the success of project. Nexgen Products acknowledges this with a wide variety of e-business implementation approaches. Here are a few of the available options:

Option 1: Full Turn-key Implementation (3 to 8 weeks): 
Nexgen Products can do an entire e-business project for you -- freeing you and your staff to focus on more pressing issues. Nexgen's project leader will develop a detailed project plan and timeline that fully describes deliverables as well as the decision point participation required by your company. Members from IT, marketing, customer service and top management will have decision-making and signoff roles but their time investment will be optimized. Most or all of the actual software preparation can be executed offsite with integration performed through a remote access connection. Nexgen will then perform the software installation and also tend to all of the peripheral tasks related to establishing external internet access, such as security and communications requirements. The full implementation may be performed on a fixed-bid or time-and-material basis, depending on the project.

Option 2: Software Delivery+Rapid Deployment Protyping/Training (1 to 3 wks): 
For smaller-scale projects with clearly defined scopes, it is often possible to take a "rapid prototyping" (RP) approach to the project. If Nexgen can determine in advance that a particular project fits the RP profile, then an aggressive timetable is prepared based on significant participation from the customer. Typically, this is an on-site project which includes product installation, 3 days of intense product training and then a rapid product setup and configuration using a conference room pilot approach. The concept behind this approach is the value provided by having the ultimate deliverable (i.e. the working system) be the driver of the training mission. It is expected that the customer will dedicate from 1 to 3 individuals to the project during the period. As well, the customer is counselled to make certain preparations (technical and organizational) in advance of the event to prevent delay factors that would stall progress of the team. There is generally some measure of work remaining after the RP event to actually take the system live. But the core of the system is fully defined and operational by the end of the period. This approach is generally handled as a fixed-bid project with "add-ons" handled on a time-and-material basis.

Option 3: Software Delivery and Installation With Programmed Education (2 to 5 days): 
For customers who plan to become self-sufficient early and take on the bulk of the implementation themselves, we provide an installation and training package. Within the course of approximately one week, a Nexgen representative will arrive onsite, install the software and then provide from 2 to 5 days of classroom-styled education using printed course materials and the online demonstration system. It is expected that individuals who receive the education will be able to independently begin to setup, configure and perform limited programming on the system after this course of training.

Option 4: Software and Documentaion Delivery With Fast Install (1 to 2 days): 
Customers who are already equipped to handle their own e-business project can opt for the Fast Install option. With this option, a Nexgen representative will deliver and install the software and then point the customer in the direction of useful documentation that will answer the basic questions related to initial setup and configuration.

Option 5: Hosted Hardware and Software Solution: 
Nexgen Products can accomodate customers who wish to completely outsource the service and support of their e-business infrastructure. Nexgen will host, manage and maintain all hardware and software for the e-business site and will provide SLA-graded services as needed by the customer.
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