NexgenCommerce™ Architecture

Architecture for today's mission-critical enterprise systems, is, to put it bluntly, all over the map.

The reason for this is complexity. Today's enterprise application suites are hugely complex, proprietary and still closed systems that each require uniqely trained experts for installation, operation and especially for integration to other systems.

Not factoring this point into a company's e-business strategy poses great risks.

This is because there are a great many e-business software packages being offered in the marketplace today that are ill-equipped to handle the complexity and unique integration requirements of today's enterprise systems. It is absolutely crucial to choose an e-business platform that has been designed with the target enterprise system in mind.

Since the early 1990's, Nexgen's only business has been the support and augmentation of today's most established enterprise packages. Many of Nexgen's software engineers are actually former designers, programmers and employees of large ERP software vendors. This depth of background developing and supporting enterprise functionality gave Nexgen a unique vantage point for developing it's own comprehensive e-business package. Unlike competitors who created standalone web transaction systems with legacy integration being a poorly-executed afterthought, NexgenCommerce™ was developed from the enterprise system outward.

NexgenCommerce™ bypasses the complexity found in competing e-business offerings, because it is able to harnesses the business logic that already exists in your current enterprise system. It runs like a "thin-layer" over your existing enterprise system securely utilizing existing customer, product, pricing, inventory and other data directly -- without the need for synchronized databases or awkward transaction "connectors".
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