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Solutions should follow directly from the real-world challenges that customers face. To be clear, your objective is not just to acquire the "right" software. Your objective is to put a working e-business solution into place and switch it on with confidence.

Clever technologies and complex tools may capture attention, but they can also be a waste of time and money if they do not address true requirements of the company deploying them. At Nexgen Products, we are obsessed with providing cutting-edge, quality software that meets today's demanding on-line requirements. But even beyond that, we are absolutely maniacal about providing unsurpassed value to our customers. One of the ways we accomplish this is by offering an extremely wide range of e-business solution delivery options based on our vast experience of real customer needs. samples of actual customer challenges

You may be the type of customer with extensive in-house web development capabilities who is simply looking for a robust e-business tool and comprehensive documentation with intentions of developing your website completely in-house. Or you may be a customer who decides that you want training in addition to the software to enable a quick start to your project. Or, you may have some technical or non-technical resources, but not enough to tackle an entire e-business project -- so you may need a partial implementation team and maybe a project leader. Or finally, you may be the type of customer who does not have any time or resources for a particular e-business project. You need to outsource the entire effort and have it delivered on-time in a "turn-key" fashion.

Nexgen understands all of these situations and can provide the right solution package using our own products as well as our own resources, if needed. e-business implementation and deployment options

This is in sharp contrast to many of our competitors who simply want to sell you software and then hand you off to an, often, questionably-qualified "partner". Instead, Nexgen Products will work shoulder-to-shoulder with you until your project is complete. Our customers realize that there is nothing quite like the experience of having the creators of a product right there with you, sharing in the responsibility of achieving your end-goal at the same time you are experiencing their product in action.

The many e-business vendors selling "shrink-wrapped" software in this market don't "get it" and never will because varied deployment requirements don't fit their business model or their organizations. This is part of what makes Nexgen Products very different. more on different

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